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Dog Training Without Treats: A Myth Revealed

“I don’t use treats to train my dog because I won’t always have treats on me”. We hear it all the time. And we understand why people believe this, but let’s look at the psychology behind dog training to bust this myth. The saying goes that variety is the spice of life, right? When we […]

Fromm Petfest

Calling All Dog Stars PetU is rolling out the red carpet for you and your furry stars! That’s right, on Saturday, August 29th you are invited to join us at Fromm Pet Fest at Henry Maier Festival Park for a red carpet photo shoot with your dog. Meet the star-studded cast of PetU, take pictures […]

Why No Behavior is the Best Behavior

When you are with your dog, what are the moments that he gets the most attention from you? Most likely when you two are playing (high energy) or he has done something naughty (negative energy). But how about when he is laying down quietly chewing on a toy? Last week we talked about desensitization, a […]