Every Dog Can Talk…Can You Speak the Language?

Have you ever wished your dog could talk? We’re not talking about the “wonder dogs” on YouTube that can howl words, but you may think of your dog’s bark or whine as his or her only language. However, your dog also talks to you through body language all the time. Learning to listen is a […]

Fromm PetFest

Fromm PetFest Is Back — See You There!

It’s that time of year again… Yes, we’ve been talking a lot about back to school time for dogs, but now we’re talking about Fromm PetFest on September 24, 2016 from 10am-6pm!  This annual event has been growing every year and they expect well over 8000 people and dogs again this year at Henry Maier […]

PETU Dog Boarding Milwaukee

What To Expect While Your Dog Is Boarding at PetU

When you’re getting ready to leave on a trip there is always so much to coordinate. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’ve got everything set related to your dog’s “vacation” while you’re away. We created this dog boarding checklist so you can be one step closer to getting […]

PETU Back To School Doggy Day Care

Doggy Phy Ed? It’s Back to School for Dogs Too!

School supplies? Check. Kids’ new shoes? Check. Doggy Day Care? Huh?  Yes, it’s time for back to school in the dog world too! Did you know that 80% of behavior problems in dogs are due to lack of proper socialization and exercise?  If you have kids who have been home most of the summer and […]

PETU Milwaukee

Dog Park Watchouts: When To Walk Away

People ask us all the time what we think about dog parks.  The response is tricky, because we love that these parks offer great areas for dogs to run and get exercise, but there are risks to be aware of if you choose to bring your dog(s) to a dog park. Here are 4 things […]

Pet U Mastiff with basketball

4 Classic Kids Games To Play With Your Dog

Don’t have time to practice training your dog? We know what a significant difference consistent practice makes in dog training, so here are a few quick, fun games to play with your dog to help playtime double as “work” time! These simple games reinforce basic dog training and obedience skills. When you make training fun, […]

PetU Dog shoutout

A Shout Out For Dog Health & Safety This Spring

Just a few quick reminders for dog health & safety to make sure we have a group of happy, healthy dogs this spring! As the weather heats up, be sure your dog has plenty of water, but when he or she gets hot it’s important to offer water in controlled amounts every 15 minutes versus […]


Board & Train

Dear Dennis, We love our dog but she is causing major problems for our family and we need help. She is confident and happy much of the time, but when she meets new people she is so scared that she either has an accident or looks like she’s going to attack them. I’m afraid of […]

3 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Training Efforts

3 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Training Efforts

1. Inconsistency in expectations and follow through Like people, dogs need to know what is expected of them in order to deliver on your expectations. It takes some patience and repetition to teach your dogs the behaviors you expect. Start with one or two things to work on. For example, if you want your dog […]

Pet U at Great Lakes Pet Expo

Join us on January 30th for the 2016 Great Lakes Pet Expo!

The Great Lakes Pet Expo is the largest non-profit pet expo in Wisconsin, and takes place at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park on January 30th from 10am to 5pm. All proceeds from ticket sales* are given back to the community to help shelters and rescues. In 2015, the Great Lakes Pet Expo […]