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K-9 Higher Education

Dog training is a way of life at PetU.

Rather than simply creating an obedient companion,

We create a dog that WANTS to be obedient.

How great would it be to have your dog come running eagerly the first time you call ?  Is your dog experiencing fear aggression or separation anxiety?  Are you interested in competing with your dog?

PetU is here to help you reach all your dog training goals! From puppy class to training for competitive titles, we have the skills to get you results and to maximize your fun while doing it.  PetU’s dog training options include

Group Classes, Individual Sessions, Board and Train, and Specialty Classes.

Call today and talk to one of PetU’s team members to figure out which direction is best for you.

Group Classes


Looking for a dog with reliable manners in public?  Maybe it’s time to brush up on your skills and just have fun with your dog. Our group classes fit together to provide a natural progression for training.  We focus on creating voluntary obedience, educating the owner, reinforcing non behaviors, and building a strong bond between owners and dogs to create a dog training team.  Start your puppy off on the right foot with our foundation training in Puppy 101, or renew your training routine by signing up for classes. 

Call 414-766-1100 today for more details on class start dates. 


Individual Training Sessions 

PetU offers one on one training either at Pet U or in your home. This option allows us to work together to hone in on your dog’s problem areas that would not otherwise be dealt with in group classes.

PetU can help you with everything from basic manners, dog-to-dog issues, aggression, and much more.

Each training package starts with an evaluation, and from there a specific training plan is created to maximize your success. Throughout the next five sessions we will work with you and your dog to teach you BOTH how to work through the issue.  Behavior modification takes focus and patience; however, an improved connection between you and your dog is often noticeable immediately after the first session and serves as an important foundation for training efforts.

With your effort (and our guidance), the Dean’s List is a reality!


Board and Train 

Does your student need an advanced, customized, and accelerated training program?  If so, then PetU has the solution.  Enrollment means your student will get the individualized and specialized education they personally need.  Your student will stay in our PetU Dorms and receive our specialty training over a 3 week period.  After their completion, you will have a student that you can be proud of.

You and your dog will have the tools necessary to achieve new heights in today’s world.

Have a training question?

Send us an email at