A Shout Out For Dog Health & Safety This Spring

PetU Dog shoutoutJust a few quick reminders for dog health & safety to make sure we have a group of happy, healthy dogs this spring!

As the weather heats up, be sure your dog has plenty of water, but when he or she gets hot it’s important to offer water in controlled amounts every 15 minutes versus drinking a huge bowl of water all at once. Dogs can get sick if they drink too quickly. Offering ice cubes is a fun and easy way to help your dog cool down without drinking too fast!

Every dog needs a properly fitted quick release collar.
This is important no matter where you are, but especially out in public. So, when coming to boarding or day care at PetU, please leave your dog’s harness in the car or at home. In the rare case a harness is required by your vet based on your dog’s health, please talk with the front desk when you drop off your dog.

For the health and safety of all the dogs please be sure to keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date. While we do send reminders, it’s still important to be proactive about making your vet appointment before the deadline.

Lunch is available for dogs 12 months and under. Dogs over 1 year of age do not need a lunch and will not be taken out of their playgroup to eat, unless directed by your vet.

Last but not least, please never leave your dog(s) unattended in the car as it gets warmer out. Even if you roll the windows down your dog’s health (and your car’s security!) can be in jeopardy.