Board & Train

Dear Dennis,
We love our dog but she is causing major problems for our family and we need help. She is confident and happy much of the time, but when she meets new people she is so scared that she either has an accident or looks like she’s going to attack them.

I’m afraid of how unpredictable she is getting so now we don’t even want to bring her places anymore, which I know won’t help in the long term.

What can we do?

At A Loss


At A Loss,
I understand how stressful it can be, especially if you’re seeing this worsen over time.

Without getting into too much detail here (that’s better for our in person evaluation session), it sounds like your dog has some anxiety that shows up through submissive urination and fear aggression. We can work on both through individual sessions over time in weekly sessions, but we also have a Board & Train option that might be a good fit to shorten the time it takes to see lasting results.

We’d start by having you come in with Susie and tell us more about her current behaviors and your goals. Then we create a unique training plan based on your needs. Next, you pack Susie’s favorite things and she’s off to “Canine College”!

Each Board & Train dog stays with us for about three weeks to work with our training staff every day. You would come for weekly visits to see progress and learn what she is learning, which strengthens you as a training team. We want to set you up for long-term success. On that note, after 3 weeks most dogs are ready to “graduate” and go back home. At that point we do more training with you and your family to help you keep up the results. We offer a 60-day plan, so after Susie is back home and comes to day care she will get complimentary 1:1 training sessions for 60 days to reinforce and maintain all she has learned. Many owners appreciate these reminders about what they should keep working on at home too!

Many people choose this option because they want harmony at home, but aren’t able to train them on their own for whatever reason. We get a lot of “last chance” dogs and while it doesn’t sound like Susie is quite there yet, it makes me optimistic that based on your message we can certainly help.