Training Is A Way Of Life

It’s more than a class we offer once a week, at PetU dog training is at the heart of everything we do. Our services are designed to work together to help you and your dog create a bond and work together to master real-life scenarios.

How great would it feel to have your dog come running eagerly the first time you call? Want to reduce your dog’s separation anxiety? Or maybe you are interested in competing with your dog? Contact us to set up your evaluation!

Dog Training Options

PetU is here to help you reach all your dog training goals! From puppy class to training for issues, we have the program to get you results – and maximize the fun for you and your dog while doing it!

PetU’s dog training options include Group Classes, Individual Sessions, and Board and Train.

Here at PetU we are balanced trainers meaning we teach both correction and reward.

Call or email today to work with one of PetU’s team members who will help figure out which direction is best for you.

Group Classes

Looking for your dog to have reliable manners in public? Maybe it’s time to brush up on your skills and just have fun with your dog. PetU’s group classes provide you a natural progression for training. We focus on creating voluntary obedience, educating the owner, reinforcing “non-behaviors” (for example rewarding for sitting quietly next to you despite distractions), and building a strong bond between owners and dogs to create a dog training team.

Start your puppy off on the right foot with our foundational Puppy S.T.A.R. training, and progress through PetU’s training program.

Class Prices:

Intro to Obedience for Little Dogs (5 Weeks, for dogs 40lbs and under) – $125

Intro to Obedience for Big Dogs (5 weeks, for dogs over 40lbs) – $125

intermediate (4 weeks, must complete intro) – $115

Interested in classes?  Click Here or Call today for more details on class descriptions and start dates.

Individual Training Sessions

PetU offers one-on-one training at one of our PetU locations, or in your home. This option allows us to work together to hone in on your dog’s problem areas that would not otherwise be dealt with in a group class.

Individual sessions can help you with everything from basic manners, dog-to-dog issues, fear aggression, and more. Many clients have said “I wish I would have come to you first!”. Don’t wait until you think it’s too late – get started today!

Each individual training package starts with a personalized evaluation. From there a customized training plan is created to maximize your success. Throughout the following sessions we will work with you and your dog to teach you both how to work through the issue as a team.

With your effort (and our guidance), the Dean’s List is a reality!

Evaluation Prices:

$50 on-site, 1 dog

$75 on-site, 2 dog (same family)

$100 off-site, 1 dog

$125 on-site, 2 dog (same family)

Price per Session:

Starting at $100/session on-site or $125 off-site.*

* minimum 5 sessions; Travel fees may apply for off-site sessions.

Board and Train

Are you short on time to train or unsure where to turn because of your dog’s behavior issues? If your student needs an advanced, customized, or accelerated immersion dog training program, PetU has the solution — Canine College. Your student will get the individualized and specialized education they need during a 3-week period while your pup stays in our PetU Dorms and receives specialty training based on the specific issues. After completion, you will receive training of your own so you and your dog will have the tools necessary to achieve new heights in today’s world.

Price varies based on nature of training.

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