PETU Back To School Doggy Day Care

Doggy Phy Ed? It’s Back to School for Dogs Too!

School supplies? Check. Kids’ new shoes? Check. Doggy Day Care? Huh?  Yes, it’s time for back to school in the dog world too!

Did you know that 80% of behavior problems in dogs are due to lack of proper socialization and exercise?  If you have kids who have been home most of the summer and have given your dog a lot of attention and exercise, it will be an adjustment for your dog when your kids head back to school.

Dogs thrive on routine and consistency. Their behavior can shift as your schedule shifts, so it’s important to help your dog ease into a new schedule as well.  It’s important to stay committed to a consistent time that your dog eats and gets a walk each day.

For people who are not able to get their dogs out on a walk consistently or find ways to safely socialize with other dogs, dog day care can be a good option.  That’s why PetU offers a “Phy Ed” class, better known as dog day care.  However, this is not a typical dog day care – training is at the heart of everything we do and that philosophy extends into our day care program.

Your dog will socialize while you are at work, and when you pick him or her up you can expect your pup to be mentally and physically exercised. After a full day of day care your dog will be content and less likely to dig up the backyard or chew on your favorite shoes.

You can learn more about our “Phy Ed” day care program here.


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