PETU Dog Boarding Milwaukee

What To Expect While Your Dog Is Boarding at PetU

When you’re getting ready to leave on a trip there is always so much to coordinate. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’ve got everything set related to your dog’s “vacation” while you’re away.

We created this dog boarding checklist so you can be one step closer to getting on the road (or catching your flight!).

Before you board:

  • For new clients, an initial assessment is always the first step. We want to make sure your dog will be comfortable boarding at PetU and can socialize with the other dogs and our co-workers.
  • While not required, we strongly recommend you bring your dog to day care at least once before he or she starts boarding. Your dog gets a chance to meet the PetU Poochfessors, sniff around the building and make some new friends. Plus, by picking up your dog after that day of day care, it reassures him or her during boarding that you will come back.

When you drop off:

  • Pack an overnight bag. What to pack:
    • Pre-bagged food for the stay   TIP: we always recommend sending food for an extra day in case you get delayed in your travels.
    • Quick release collar
    • Treats or toys TIP: a great treat for the first night is a Kong filled with peanut butter!
    • Bed and/or blanket
    • Anything he/she sleeps with at home TIP: please do not send anything sentimental or high value, as things can get ripped/stained
    • Medication, in its original container, if needed.
  • Let us know if there are basic commands your dog is working on improving, and we will be happy to reinforce them throughout the stay
  • Please label ALL your dog’s belongings – especially towels, blankets or food buckets
  • All balances must be paid at drop off. Then at the end of your trip the only thing you have to think about is how excited your dog will be to see you!
  • “Like” us on Facebook so you can see pictures of all the fun your dog is having during his or her stay.
  • Some boarding facilities keep the dogs in crates most of the day, but your dog will join our day care playgroups and have full access to the fenced outside play area. During the summer we have pools and in the winter they love rolling in the snow. So, they might be a little dirty by the end of the stay. Let us know if you’d like to add a bath for your dog’s last day.  TIP:  Complimentary bath with a 7-night stay!

When you pick up:

  • Your dog will be playing hard with the other dogs. Sometimes dogs do play with their teeth and nails. Because training is our focus, we are always on the lookout for inappropriate play styles. However, the occasional scratch can happen. It’s usually not serious but we will always notify you if any scratches happen during your dog’s stay.
  • Please don’t be alarmed if your dog drinks more than normal the day he or she gets home. For many dogs, the change in routine of boarding can be a stressful experience even if they had fun. Dogs can show stress by not eating or drinking, although there is plenty of food and water available to them. TIP: To avoid tummy troubles, don’t let your dog drink too much water too fast. Putting ice cubes in the dish can slow him or her down.

Now that you know what to expect while your dog is boarding at PetU, you can rest easy and enjoy your vacation or work trip, knowing your pup is doing the same! Feel free to give us a call to check in while you’re gone.