PetU Dog Boarding

Let your playful dog have their own vacation while you’re out of town!

To set up boarding at PetU, your dog will first need to complete a behavior assessment. This gives us the opportunity to see how your dog behaves while away from you and around other dogs. From there, we are able to see where they may fit in. We do not require that your dog attends our daycare regularly to be able to board, but do highly recommend bringing your pup for some daycare prior to their stay to help familiarize them with our staff and our facility.

Throughout their stay with us, your dog will receive a lot of attention and care from our staff. It is important to us that your dog feels right at home with us. They closely monitor behavior, eating habits, and when it is time for a nap. Though it can be lots of fun to play, good quality relaxing time and rest are crucial in developing healthy socializing habits.

We offer “Special Handling” rates for dogs with behavioral needs as well as unaltered or intact male and female dogs over 6 months old. Please contact our staff for rates and details.

Mequon Boarding

Milwaukee Boarding

Racine Boarding

What to Pack

All dogs must have a quick-release collar & leash. You are allowed to bring your dog on training collars or harnesses, but while in play groups, they must have a quick-release collar to wear.

Dog food can be either pre-measured in containers or bags or in a larger bag or container with directions for the amount. No glass containers. We provide feeding and water bowls.

Toys can be natural or hard chews such as Benebone, bully sticks, Kongs, collagen chews, or dental sticks but we do not kennel dogs alone with rope toys, stuffed animal toys, or other destructible toys due to health and safety

Bedding can be blankets or mats, however, if it is a large bed it should have a removable cover or be able to be washed if needed.